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A Colourful History

Built in 1872, Bilston Town Hall was designed by architects Bidlake and Lovatt. A free library and reading room were also added soon after and further extensions took place in 1882 The building became the Bilston Urban District Council House in 1894 and the Bilston Borough Council House in 1933. The Town Hall saw many other uses, especially during the golden age of film in Wolverhampton. The ball room on the first floor was, at one time, leased to Professor Woods as a cinema. When he built Wood's Palace, on the other side of the road, the ballroom reverted to its original use and is well remembered for regular dances as well as special functions. Night classes were also held at the town hall teaching subjects such as science and languages. In 1966 Bilston Town was incorporated into the new county Borough of Wolverhampton. For more than a century the historic venue defines and stands for Bilston, a reminder that Bilston was once a town of its own. The town hall was closed in 1996 when it fell into disuse, and very soon after a local movement started to preserve it. Following 12 years of local pressure and £2.5 million restoration, the Grade II listed venue was re-opened with new tenants, Wolverhampton Homes and Gazebo Theatre in Education. A ceremony took place on the 19th September 2008, with a traditional dance the following day - Bilston got its Town Hall back! See more info http://www.historywebsite.co.uk/listed/bilstontownhall.htm