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Further & Higher Education

Gazebo is available all year round to deliver tailor made workshops, which can aid understanding of subject areas. We are also available to offer guidance and support to students seeking to work within community arts and Theatre in Education. We are currently developing plans for training programmes for college/ school leavers and graduates. The following full day programmes for Year 11, Sixth Form or drama students at college/university are currently available

The Theatre of Bertolt Brecht

This 1 day workshop explores Epic Theatre, Staging, Alienation Techniques, Gestus, The use of masks, music & songs and an exploration of “The Street Scene”.

The Stanislavsky System

Some of the areas covered in this 1 day workshop will be the Method of Physical Actions, the 7 questions, Characterisation, Units & Objectives and how to approach a text.

Antonin Artaud & The Theatre of Cruelty

This 1 day workshop will practically explore Artaud’s theories, his approaches to text and the language of symbols.

The Theatre of Augusto Boal

This 1 day workshop starts by working through the exercises Boal recommends to “Dynamise the senses” and then goes on to explore the techniques of Image Theatre and Forum Theatre.

Workshops are suitable for a class of up to 30 students and all teachers will receive a Resource Pack for future reference.

Please contact us on 01902 497222 or by email on admin@gazebotie.org to discuss ideas for workshops or programmes you would like us to deliver.

Rania Dalloul https://medium.com/@Rania_Dalloul/rania-dalloul-biography-eceeef1046de blog.